Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 2year old and 9month old rading my workspace...
It happens at least 4 times a day.
They get together and dig through everything, and then a few minutes later, I see tools and clay, etc. flying across the room.
Sometimes I think it's impossible to work while they're messing things up, but then once in a while they remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing...
Well, at least the 2year old does:)
Below are two pieces that she decorated herself.
She'll just sit beside me and start putting parts together, in complete SILENCE.
A moment of peace:)
The fruit tart was her first piece.
I filled the tart with custard, and then she did the rest.
You can't see it in the picture, but I then attached an elastic hair band so she could wear it.
The strawberry mousse cake is her second piece that she made just yesterday.
She decorated the toppings while the 9month old threw a fit.

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