Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sample Wedding Cake

So here is my first wedding cake!

First I had the cake covered in icing.
But I didn't like the lines that my palette knife was making, so I decided to change the icing.
Now it looks creamier and more like molten white chocolate.

Can you see the small silver beads beneath the whip cream?
Yeah, those little guys took FOREVER lining up.
But then, when the acutal cake was finished, it's barely noticable...

And I LOVE my little whip cream nozzles that I made a few days back.
They are 1/12 in size of regular nozzles, so I can whip out miniature-sized cream*

Here is the finished wedding cake!!!
The roses took a while to make, but I had fun decorating the cake with'em.
The best (easiest) part was glueing the rhinestones and pearls.

Different angle:

Eventually, this piece will turn out to become a ring/jewelry holder.


  1. This is truly unique and gorgeous! You are very talented!

  2. OMG! Somehow I didn't notice this comment until now...
    Thank you very much!!!