Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cafe Kubo's

Good News to me:)
I get to place my items @ Cafe Kubo's starting, well whenever I'm ready!!!
Unfortunately, the sushi platter with the restaurant logo cannot be sold, so it is for viewing purposes only, but the other sushi dishes should work just fine.
So now my plans are...
1. make a poster
2. make business cards
3. make stuff, obviously
4. buy a show case w/ keys
And I should be good to go!

Friday, July 30, 2010


So this is what I've been doing the past few days... SUSHI!
I've been making plates, leaves, ginger and wasabi, 11 different types of fish, a roll, shiso leaves, and daikon (radish) garnish.
WOW it took forever! But WOW I love it!!!
It's so tiny too:)

This is the first one I made:
tako (octopus), ika (squid), sake (fresh salmon), unagi (eel), ikura (salmon roe).

2nd piece:
Sushi & Sashimi Combination
Octopus sashimi and cut of tamago (egg), hirame (flounder), tai (red snapper), sake (fresh salmon), maguro (tuna), eel (unagi), and a tekka (tuna roll).

Here is the back side of it, where you can see the daikon garnish.

3rd piece:
Sushi served in a fusion-style restaurant.
Sake, hirame, maguro, tai, unagi, ika, tamago, ikura, and tako.
I guess those years spent working at sushi restaurants weren't all meaningless.
It was actually helpful when having to think of presentation.

Made exclusively for Cafe Kubo's.
Their "Nigiri Combo B".
I had fun designing this plate with their logo on it.
The set includes:
maguro, sake, ika, unagi, shiro maguro (white tuna), and 8 pieces of tuna roll.
What happened to the 8th piece?
I hadn't taken pix of it yet, but it's on a soy dish w/ chopstix grabbing at it.

Yeah, it's miniature.
The actual pieces look much better than it does in photos.
These photos were taken without much thought.
Just snapped a few for the blog.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making sushi parts is a .... bummer

I might be able to place my items at this one sushi restaurant.
So I'm getting ready by making sushi, MINI sushi, parts.
Making these minis is very exhausting!!!
I have to be very very patient.

Here I started making ikura parts (salmon roe).
But then I got tired of just rolling small balls.
So I started making popcorn, sugar cookies w/ icing, and a pizza!

And then I was like, "OK! Have to get back on track!" today, after making some tai (red snapper) and hirame (flounder), I started to make some gari (ginger).
And got tired again:)
so I'm taking a break by updating my blog.

It's really bad lately.
My very little workspace I have also has my laptop on it.
And I so want to surf the web or just do something w/ on my computer.
And once I start, it'll be at least an hour before I notice that an hour has passed.
So yesterday, I actually turned the PC off for once!
...but then I so wanted to check my email that I walked over to the next room and used the computer there :P
I really didn't see the point of me turning off my PC, so yay, it's back ON again!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rose Earrings

Finally a piece of jewelry on my etsy page.
I always wanted to make jewelry, but got so caught up in making mini clay parts, I almost sorta forgot...
So here it is :)

I wanted to make real girly earrings.
And when I think girly and cute, its PINK.

Next set is gonna be more... sophisticated. (hopefully)
Just wish I knew how to take pictures!
I placed these earrings in different settings, but none of them look quite right.

I liked this tinkerbell mug background, but still, something's not right...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My 11 yr. old sister had a guinea pig named Oreo that died today.
We were all shocked when we found him still but alive outside.
Oreo's hair around his bottom had all fallen out and the pink flesh was showing.
And there were bugs going for it...
First we thought that it was an animal attack, but according to the vet, he was just old, and the whole hair falling off thing was due to the rain and old-age.

So anyhow, my sister was crying when she got home b/c she had to put him to sleep.

Oh, and she named him Oreo b/c he was all white except for one black blob of hair around his eyes.
So this is what I did today.
I made a pendant for her to wear in memory of Oreo.
I attached parts of a feather, and instead of a halo, an oreo cookie.
It's hard to tell from the picture, but the cookie has all the details of an oreo:)

RIP Oreo.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eco Chopstix in a Bling Case

Blue Chopstix in a blue-bling case with roses and ribbons.
Carry these chopsticks to your next sushi outing and go green :)
You assemble these little guys everytime you eat so whenever you're not using them, it fits neatly in the case.
The case is fitted with rhinestones and pearls.

I don't like how the pictures turned out...
It makes it look like one single blue.

Straberry Macaron DS Game Carry

I love this game carrying case!
It's topped with macarons, strawberry icecream, cookies 'n cream, fresh strawberries, and a cookie.
But I guess you have to be DSing to want this :)

I'm gonna be making a DS cover after this...
just have to get some sketches going.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Bic Pencils

I had a lot of fun decorating 8 Bic brand mechanical pencils!
Here are a few:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you E!!!

Thank you E. for taking all these wonderful pictures for me!!!
They really turned out great, I'm lovin'em!!!

Strawberry Parfait Card/Memo Stand

These were my most favorite pictures out of all the ones my friend took for me!

My 2yr old is holding the card stand.
I love how the ice cream turned out.
Can you see it melting?
Great setting too right? the middle of hurricane season LOL.

Strawberry-honeydew Cupcakes

Here is a charm I made a while back.
Strawberry and honeydew cupcakes!

I made other flavors just today!
I'll be uploading those soon:)

Ring Plate

So it isn't quite finished, but here is what the wedding cake would look like on a plate.
I'd sprinkle some rose petals on the plate as well as whatever message it should have.
I know I should have waited until it was completed, but I just love the picture my friend took, I had to show it off!


I had this sudden urge to make hamburgers.
I don't know why...
Maybe b/c I haven't had fastfood burgers for a while?
So here is my very first burger that I made.
It is a quarter of a dime :P
Great for miniature dollhouse collectors I guess, but I not too great for me, doing deco-sweets.
I don't know what I'd use this for...

...and then... I still wanted to make more...
but this time, a little bit larger and more detailed.
I added pickles and bacon and onions to these.
Now I REALLY wanna have a bite in a real burger!
well... I ended up making 13 burgers, and away went my urge.

...then my friend came over to take some photos!!!
YAYYYY! I was waiting for this for a very long time:)
see how yummier it looks when she shoots?!

Now let's see when procrastinator-me makes these into cell charms.