Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making sushi parts is a .... bummer

I might be able to place my items at this one sushi restaurant.
So I'm getting ready by making sushi, MINI sushi, parts.
Making these minis is very exhausting!!!
I have to be very very patient.

Here I started making ikura parts (salmon roe).
But then I got tired of just rolling small balls.
So I started making popcorn, sugar cookies w/ icing, and a pizza!

And then I was like, "OK! Have to get back on track!"
...so today, after making some tai (red snapper) and hirame (flounder), I started to make some gari (ginger).
And got tired again:)
so I'm taking a break by updating my blog.

It's really bad lately.
My very little workspace I have also has my laptop on it.
And I so want to surf the web or just do something w/ on my computer.
And once I start, it'll be at least an hour before I notice that an hour has passed.
So yesterday, I actually turned the PC off for once!
...but then I so wanted to check my email that I walked over to the next room and used the computer there :P
I really didn't see the point of me turning off my PC, so yay, it's back ON again!

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