Friday, July 30, 2010


So this is what I've been doing the past few days... SUSHI!
I've been making plates, leaves, ginger and wasabi, 11 different types of fish, a roll, shiso leaves, and daikon (radish) garnish.
WOW it took forever! But WOW I love it!!!
It's so tiny too:)

This is the first one I made:
tako (octopus), ika (squid), sake (fresh salmon), unagi (eel), ikura (salmon roe).

2nd piece:
Sushi & Sashimi Combination
Octopus sashimi and cut of tamago (egg), hirame (flounder), tai (red snapper), sake (fresh salmon), maguro (tuna), eel (unagi), and a tekka (tuna roll).

Here is the back side of it, where you can see the daikon garnish.

3rd piece:
Sushi served in a fusion-style restaurant.
Sake, hirame, maguro, tai, unagi, ika, tamago, ikura, and tako.
I guess those years spent working at sushi restaurants weren't all meaningless.
It was actually helpful when having to think of presentation.

Made exclusively for Cafe Kubo's.
Their "Nigiri Combo B".
I had fun designing this plate with their logo on it.
The set includes:
maguro, sake, ika, unagi, shiro maguro (white tuna), and 8 pieces of tuna roll.
What happened to the 8th piece?
I hadn't taken pix of it yet, but it's on a soy dish w/ chopstix grabbing at it.

Yeah, it's miniature.
The actual pieces look much better than it does in photos.
These photos were taken without much thought.
Just snapped a few for the blog.