Monday, August 23, 2010

Halloween is around the corner... Really?!

Getting ready for Halloween.
I guess it's a late start in the artsy world.
But its so hard to get started since its still summery hot in Texas!!!
The pools are literally boiling, it's like a hot tub!
I took my lil sister and my kids to the pool around 3pm to cool off, but returned in a hour b/c we were heat struck and dehidrating.

So anywayz... I'm making candy corns thinking of Halloween and trick-o-treating and all.
Did I already mention how much I hate GRAVITY???
When I'm making these little clay parts, and when you don't have finger prints like me, everything just tends to fall.
and then I'd have to stop what I'm doing and pick it up, like every two seconds!
It gets annoying.
Yeah, I'm missing a finger print on my thumb today:(
Me and my skin allergy to clay (and everything else).

I got my fingerprints taken a while ago, and the officer taking them thought she was doing them wrong or something.
And then looked at my hand and was like, "oh..." after noticing I didn't carry a set of fingerprints to print. lol
So yeah, it's very hard to work b/c without a grip on the finger pads, things just fall.
I broke a glass the other day b/c the cup just slipped outta my hands.

The heat, gravity, and my un-useful hands are making the situation terrible...
so getting ready for Halloween is gonna take a few days :P

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