Wednesday, August 11, 2010

V's Contact Lens Case

This is the contact lens case that V asked me to make.
I was thinking of decorating contact lens cases, but just the little L and R cases, not something like this.
I mean, have you ever seen like a whole contact lens travel set or something?!
This set comes w/ tweezers and a little eye dropper tool and this something else that I have no clue what it is...
First of all, I don't wear lenses.
So I was clueless w/ all these tools.
Anyhow, I thought about decorating just the lens case, but then decided not to b/c you don't wanna get up every morning having to deal w/ twisting something that's hard to twist b/c of decorations.
Until V showed me a picture of what her lens set looked like and was like, oh---- I can decorate the square case itself instead of the contact lens case.
I'm probably getting some readers confused by saying "case" too many time.
But you'll see what I'm talking about when you see the photo of the actual item below.

Yeah neat huh?
It's like a contact lens travel tool kit or something.
Loaded w/ stuff!
I always thought the case just consisted of this L&R thing, whatever it's called.
But I was so wrong:)
Now, there's something to decorate!!!


  1. oh , this ones nice ... where to buy the lense kit ??

  2. If you would like a decorated kit, please contact me via email:, and I will make one for you!